Dot  Over Glaze Technique

Dot  In Glaze Technique

Dot  Enamel Technique

Dot  Glass Technique

Dot  Sandblast Technique

Dot  Under Glaze Technique

Dot  Over Glaze 800-860 °C

Dot  In Glaze 1180-1260 °C

Dot  Ceramic 650-840 °C

Dot  Cobalt 1260-1380 °C

Dot  Wall Pattern 800-860 °C

Dot  Paving Pattern 860-1060 °C

Dot  Enamel Decals 780-820 °C

Dot  Glass 480-620 °C


Other ranges upon request. Our internal innovation department helps you in new developments at any
time advisory to your order. Exclusively we help you in development of new decoration or eye-catching effects.

Don't hesitate to contact us!

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