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Arround 1450 Johannes Gensfleisch zum Gutenberg (1400-1468) invented the first mechanical duplication technique in Mainz: the printing with movable letters. Subject of his genius invention was the type made from lead and the embossed wrong way around pictures of each of the letters of the Latin alphabet. The types could be combined to new words again and again and with it nearly unlimited reused. At the same time Gutenberg developed all necessary machinery for his invention like the muldes for the letters or the printing press. Herewith a completely new technical system has been created which could start working right away. The new “black magic” spread fast from Mainz all over Europe. First printing companies raised were the biggest demand of papers was: in cities with universities, trading and dynasty. One of this cities was Erfurt were the first printing company of Thuringia was founded in 1473.

Saalfeld however became a city with dynasty about 200 years later and just then, in 1673, the printing business could gain a foothold. With the company of Johann Ritter from which the Wiedemannsche Druckerei came off a business came to Saalfeld which formed the face and industrialization of the city Saalfeld until these days. The Chronicle >>

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